Thanks from Firelands Endowment

Many “THANKS” from the Firelands Schools Endowment Trustees to all the donors who participated in the Lorain County Community Foundations “Connect to a Cause” event on Thursday, September 15th.  We truly appreciate the continued community support.  Over $3,600 was raised to help the Endowment continue its mission to enhance the educational process in the Firelands Schools.

The Firelands Schools Endowment is a non-profit organization.  Our purpose is a long-term commitment to provide a stable source of funding for school programs beyond the scope of normal required school expenditures.   We raise money and distribute funds in the form of scholarships and classroom grants.  Contributions to the fund, all of which are tax deductible, will never be spent.  Only the interest earned will be available for disbursement- contributions keep working over and over again.

Since the Endowment fund inception in 1991, over 400 grants and 350 scholarships totaling more than $700,00 have been awarded to support various  classroom needs and scholarships for those in need that have qualified.  All of this is possible because of the support of individuals, businesses, alumni, and staff like you.

Thank you all……this support of the Endowment Fund will continue the legacy to enrich the lives of Firelands Local School students.


Barb Bechtel, Jerry Born, Ann Buchs, Bob Danicki, Amy Hignett, Scott Northeim, Kristi Palmer, Dan Pycraft, Tammy Schultz, Kathy Whitmore, Diane Zimmer.

Information submitted by Mrs. Ann Buchs