Construction Update: October 27, 2020

Lorain County and in particular the townships that make up our school community has long been known for having vast quantities of sandstone. The first settlers to this area used the stone to build grist and sawmills. Later, large scale sandstone quarrying brought the early railroad to our area fueling growth and also increasing the population. Although today the demand for sandstone has reduced dramatically, it is still quarried. Its impact on our community remains.

It should be no surprise that true to our history, as the contractors working on our new high school have begun excavating deeper into the ground, they quickly found sandstone not very far below the surface. In fact, it covers a large portion of the site! The good news is that this was expected, and the contractors are prepared to deal with the stone. In fact, some of it is being ground up and used in the new construction, ensuring that our new high school, just like our community, has a firm foundation!