Construction Update: October 21, 2020

Building Project: Construction View

Everyone who has graduated from high school can remember what technology was like when they went to school. You many remember film strips and overhead projectors with wax pencils. Our younger graduates may recall the first time that they used a touch screen. Technology continues to evolve and it is an integral part of today’s school curriculum and the design of our new high school. The new building will have state of the art technology. The design ensures that connectivity will be strong in every room throughout the school. Classrooms will have monitors that connect wirelessly to every student’s Chromebook. Students and teachers will have the ability to present information (from any point in the classroom) while furthering new learning skills in digital education.

Our new classrooms are being designed to be flexible in accommodating the integration of student technology utilization. Our new high school is truly being designed for our children’s future, not our past!

In regards to enhanced technology, we are now able to digitally view our construction project. We look forward to sharing images with our community as the project progresses!