Important Winter Weather Information

Several predictions have already been made as to how our winter will play out! NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) predicts wetter than normal conditions. While local meteorologists agree, they tend to predict a battle of below normal temperatures and a very early start to the bitter cold with average snowfall and cold rain mix.

Poor weather conditions can be difficult for parents and the school system.  To best prepare for the season, we will again share information regarding our district’s policy for closing or delaying school due to inclement weather. The Superintendent may close the school, dismiss students early or delay the opening of school in the event of hazardous weather.

Normal procedure for inclement weather conditions are as follows: Road and facility monitoring begins as early as 4:00 am or in some cases, the day before a front arrives.  The superintendent and fleet operations manager work together to determine if a weather delay or closure is necessary. Road conditions, building and grounds conditions, air temperature and weather forecasts are all taken into consideration. Typically delays or cancellations are announced between 5:15 – 6:15 am. In some cases, a closure can occur the night before but most often a final decision is made in the early morning hours on the day of the closure or delay.

As a reminder, we must comply with minimum hours of instruction each year. The district may extend its school year if the school closes enough that it is approaches the minimum instructional hours of required time. If necessary, calamity make up days begin June 7th. You can find these dates listed on the district calendar.

In the event we alter a school day due to the weather, FLSD will post information on:

It is important that children are dressed appropriately for the weather conditions. If you are in need of assistance securing winter items for your child please contact our social workers, Mrs. Watts at or Ms. Ashley Blair at

Please note that it is very important to make sure that your current email address and telephone number is available through Final Forms.  Our database must be current in order for parent or guardian calls/emails to be initiated. If you need to update contact information please do so through the parent portal here.

In addition, if FLSD is closed all transportation will stop. Buses will not run to any private schools when FLSD is closed.

Two Hour Delay: If a two hour delay is called, school buses will start picking up students two hours later than their normal pick up.

The SAFE Program at FES will not be open in the am.

  • There will be no transportation to the Early Learning Center.
  • All FLSD buses are running on a two hour delay – including the ones to LCJVS. The delay will not count against students. Students can arrive at LCJVS on their own if they do not want to wait for bus delay.
  • All in person students will begin their school day two hours later than the normal bell schedule.
  • The dismissal time will remain the same.
  • FHS and FMS students may have a schedule change. If that were to happen, the principals will share the schedule change.

Happy early winter!