FES Veterans Day Program 2022

Last week, on November 11th, the 4th grade students presented their annual Veterans Day program for honored guests. Our students worked extremely hard to learn about our veterans and the different branches in which they served.


Fourth grade students had the opportunity to invite veterans to the program. Those in attendance were seated in chairs that were draped in white and tied with red or blue bows. Mums adorned with flags were placed in the hallways and around the seating area. The teachers and students decorated the gymnasium and hallways to add to the show of support for the invited special guests.

The students started the program by singing a song that thanked the veterans for their services. From there, selected groups recited important information about Veterans Day and about life dedicated to service.

Principal Choe, the emcee of the event, read information about all of the invited guests. 29 veterans were recognized at the program. 21 additional veterans were recognized but were unable to attend. Lastly, 42 deceased veterans were also recognized.

After names were read (with a brief recap of their service) each veteran received a small token of appreciation from the student that extended the invitation.

Two of our high school students, Aubrynn Reichle and Julianna Perkins volunteered to play taps for the event. These two individuals have been playing for many years and happily participated in the program.

After the program was complete, students were able to serve their guests a treat and take pictures!

A lot of practice and planning went into this event. Our fourth grade team is honored to share with our students just how important it is to thank our veterans! We are extremely proud of our students!!


The Veterans Day program is a large undertaking that is greatly appreciated! FLSD is happy to recognize the following individuals who made the event possible:

  • Mrs. Hertick: 4th Grade Teacher
  • Mrs. Kerestury: 4th Grade Teacher
  • Mrs. Scalli: 4th Grade Teacher
  • Mrs. Skiles: 4th Grade Teacher
  • Mrs. Socha: 4th Grade Teacher
  • Mrs. Williams: Intervention Specialist
  • Mrs. Woods: FES Music Teacher
  • Mr. Prihoda and Ms. Bayus: FES Student Teachers
  • Mrs. Choe: Principal and emcee
  • Mrs. Groboske: Assistant Principal
  • Mr. Baumhauer: Physical Education Teacher
  • Mrs. Hozalski, Mrs. Dalton, Mrs. Bremke: Program and reservations
  • Firelands Elementary PTG: Sponsor
  • Mr. Kerestury: Sponsorship