Manufacturing in Action Field Trip

Last month, high school students from Mrs. London’s Business Math and Innovation and Entrepreneurship classes and Mr. Latto’s Automation and Robotics class attended the Manufacturing in Action field trip at Lorain Community College.  Students engaged in hands-on experiences to learn about career pathways in areas such as electronics, computer aided machining, and automation. 

 During the Microelectromechanical System (MEMS) presentation, students were able to see up close how to solder and build circuit boards under a microscope while learning about the program’s career opportunities.  It was shared that students from this program learn valuable skills that transfer directly to employment opportunities at companies such as the new Intel plant in Columbus and Ford Motor Company in Avon Lake that recently received a large grant to begin building electric vehicles.  In the electrical engineering session, Firelands students practiced using Arduino microcontrollers and breadboards to prototype electronic circuits including LED lights.  In one of their final sessions, students learned how to use a computer controlled laser engraver to create metal name tags.

At the end of the program, students had an opportunity to eat lunch with industry leaders to discuss employment opportunities and have their picture taken with the humanoid robot Pepper.

Information submitted by Mr. Latto, PLTW instructor/7th Grade Science/HS Robotics