Principal Keener Flies With Blue Angels!

Firelands High School Principal, Ms. Cathy Keener, was recently nominated by Sergeant Lopez of the United States Marine Corps to fly with the Blue Angels! Ms. Keener and Sgt Lopez work together to support students who have chosen to explore the armed forces.

Principal Keener was identified as a Primary Key Influencer for her work at Firelands High School! As a result of her dedication, she was selected to fly with the U.S. Navy Blue Angels in the F/A-18 Super Hornet on August 31st.

Upon arrival at Burke Lakefront Airport, Ms. Keener was briefed on the flight procedures and plans. Her pilot, Lt Giffin Stangel, call sign “Push Pop”, led her through safety discussions as well as what she was to expect during the flight.

Ms. Keener receiving a final briefing.

During the flight, Ms. Keener experienced a quick vertical lift off, a Delta Roll, left/right banks, up to 7 Gs, weightlessness, double rolls and more! When asked about this unique experience Ms. Keener responded, “I am honored to be selected for this opportunity.  I am grateful to work in a school with teachers that are committed to the success of every student and a community that supports the mission of the Firelands Local School District.  Thank you to Sgt Lopez for nominating me as a Key Influencer.  My goal is to assist all of our students to be the best that they can be.  If I can end up in an F/A 18, then I think it’s fair to say anything’s possible.  My message to my students is to dream big and never give up.”

Ms. Keener at vertical lift off!

Take a few minutes and watch the flight here: Fly with Ms. Keener!

Well done Ms. Keener!