Food Service News: May, 2022

Please see the following update from the Firelands Food Service Department:

No more free meals- The universal free meals will end on the last day of school.  This program has helped many families the last 2 years and we are so grateful for it. Please be prepared for next year regarding the move away from free meals for everyone.

Meal assistance application – PLEASE, fill out a meal application even if you are unsure if your child/children will qualify.  We want to make sure all our students are able to get a free or reduced price meal, if eligible.  After July 1, you can complete an application online at Paper applications will be available in each school office or at the board office. Online applications are preferred.

Direct Certification/Free meals – FLSD will run the Direct Certification a few weeks before school starts.  This process will automatically approve students for free meals if they qualify.  IF you receive a letter stating your child/children were approved, YOU MUST sign and return the letter which will allow instructional school fees to be waived.  FLSD will run the Direct Certification several times throughout the school year to catch any students that may qualify after the initial run.

Self-supporting- Our FLSD Food Service department does not use any tax dollars/general funds to operate the department. The department is funded by Federal dollars which is received from each meal that is sold.  Your children can get a breakfast and lunch each day for free, reduced or the cost of the meal for those that are full pay.

Senior meal accounts – Remaining funds on accounts can be moved to a siblings account, or refunded by contacting Mrs. Judy Baumann or it can be donated to our emergency fund to help others with meals.  If Mrs. Judy Baumann is not contacted about a refund, the remaining balance will transfer to the emergency fund.

2022-2023 – 6-12th graders will transition to the new cafeteria.  This is very exciting! The cafeteria and kitchen is absolutely amazing. The new facility will have stations the students can choose from allowing them to build a reimbursable meal from their choice of station.  The same meals will be offered to both middle and high school students.  Smart snack approved, a la carte items will be available as well.  The allowable beverage items vary for middle school students. These items will be placed in an open air cooler specifically for middle school and another for high school students.

Menus – Menus can be found on , download the free My School Menu app or download the free Firelands app.

Contact: Mrs. Judy Baumann, Food Service Director 440-965-5821 ext. 1011 or