Local Bricklayers Support Firelands

Ohio-Kentucky Administrative District Council (OH-KY ADC) lends a hand.

Brick Instructor Don Robinson, apprentices Steve Berlin, Brandon Estep, Ethan Burchett, Chad Tice, and Kaden Dickey.

The student weight room at the current FHS has undergone a renovation! The number of students utilizing this area increased over the years, fueling the need for additional space. In order to support our student athletes, a decision was made to repurpose existing square footage to help our athletes reach their individual goals.

Mr. Chuck Galloway, FLSD Supervisor of Buildings, Grounds and Safety, contacted former BOE member Ken Kudela (FLSD BOE Member 2004-2011) who is also the Director of the Ohio-Kentucky Administrative District Council of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers (OH-KY ADC) for some advice on a masonry wall at Firelands High School.

Mr. Galloway was looking for confirmation that a wall the administration wanted removed, in order to open up the space, was not a load bearing wall. Mr. Kudela volunteered to come to the building and look at the project himself. While confirming that the wall was not load bearing, Mr. Kudela offered to take on the project with his apprentices. He stated, “Some of our students needed to make up classroom time and this is the type of project that they would be working on in our training center. When I asked the apprentices if they wanted to work in the training center or at this potential project, they quickly agreed to help Firelands.” Laborers Local #758 Field Representative, Ryan McDavid, also volunteered to help.

Once the project began, the apprentices quickly removed the wall and patched the floor and wall areas. FHS students offered to assist with the clean up, however the project moved so quickly that the students were not needed. The OH-KY ADC even provided the patching materials!

This project was used as on-the-job training for OHKYADC students and it is estimated to have saved FLSD between $ 8,000 – 13,0000!

We greatly appreciate the support of OH-KY ADC. Students interested in the trades can learn more about this career by clicking here. Additional information can be found in this download:

Laborers Local #758 is also taking on apprentices. Interested students can contact Ryan McDavid at (440) 277-4210. This office is located at 8497 Leavitt Rd., Amherst, Ohio 44001.

The new facility for the Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Apprenticeship Training Center is located at 8499 Leavitt Rd, Amherst, OH. Students and interested parties can reach the Tammy Tansey, Administrator of Apprenticeship  at (440) 986-3300.