New Outdoor Classroom

Thanks to a generous donation from The Firelands Endowment Committee, students at the new high school will be able to utilize an outdoor classroom!

Rendering of the new outdoor classroom at FHS.

This outdoor class area is located just east of the main student entry. It is constructed of brick with a sandstone cap. The finish design compliments the building as well as it highlights the sandstone feature, which pays tribute to South Amherst and Amherst. These towns are both well known due to the quality and quantity of sandstone produced from local quarries. The classroom will offer seating for 30 adults.

Throughout the new high school, students will be able to utilize several creative learning spaces. These areas, also known as extended learning areas (ELA’s) are different from a typical classroom setting. ELA’s encourage student collaboration due to the unique seating that can assist students in learning in an environment that is proven to be not only more comfortable but also aids in group participation. The new outdoor classroom is an extension of the ELA’s and the only one on campus.

Once the physical build is complete, outdoor lighting and landscaping will complete the design. While we look forward to our students utilizing this amazing space, it will also be available to our community outside of normal school hours, thanks to the Firelands Endowment Committee.

Ann Buchs, President of The Firelands Endowment Committee said, ” The Firelands Endowment Trustees are excited about being able to provide the outdoor classroom at the new high school. This classroom will enrich the learning process for our students and serve as a gathering point for many years to come. This classroom, grants, and the many scholarships that are awarded each year are only possible through the support of the Firelands community. Many thanks to the teachers, staff and community for their continued support of our endeavors.” 

Below are pictures from the start of the outdoor classroom:

If you would like to learn more about The Firelands Endowment, or support this worthy cause, please visit thier webpage at