Senior Awards 2021!

The annual Senior Awards ceremony, the first recognition banquet for our seniors, was held on April 27th at Firelands High School. It was an honor to spend the evening recognizing these outstanding students! Congratulations to all of our seniors who received scholarships and/or recognition at the Senior Awards Night.

Recognition for Academic Excellence:

Cum Laude: 3.5 – 3.749 GPA

  • Ann Bartish
  • Chandler Brotko
  • Leanna Francis
  • Joshua Gallo
  • Shawny Hess
  • Frank Janezic
  • Daniel Lima

Magna Cum Laude: 3.75 – 3.999 GPA

  • Matthey Balas
  • Cole Bober
  • Zachary Brill
  • Christian Brotko
  • Emily Campbell
  • Gwyneth Conibear
  • Julia Douzos
  • Kelsey Hardwick
  • Emma Hicks
  • Casey Kelley
  • Madison New
  • Patience Rafter
  • Rebekah Selent
  • Aaron Urban

  • Andria Mains
  • Tyler Ruth
  • Garrick Sebolt
  • Madison Sutton
  • Megan Sutton
  • Paiton Widener

Summa Cum Laude: 4.0 + GPA

  • Alexander Angle
  • Keegan Bibb
  • Brianna Bonomolo
  • Hattie Born
  • Renee Clippinger
  • Ashley Crawford
  • Kristin DeWitt
  • Eduardo Diaz
  • Grace Edwards
  • Gabriella Keith
  • Julia Krynak
  • Emilia Lewis
  • Audrey Lyons
  • Emma McCrann
  • Samantha Novak
  • Delaney Overstreet
  • Seth Robinette
  • Grace Sherban
  • Samuel Solowiej
  • Evan Zidar

2021 Firelands Schools Endowment Recipients

The Firelands Endowment Fund is supported by the Community Foundation of Lorain County. Locally, we have Endowment Trustee’s who oversee the accounts managed for The Firelands Local School Districts. These dedicated individuals are able to award as much as 5.5% of the average market value of each account, annually. Earnings are reinvested into the principal to keep the funds growing for future needs.

To date, The Firelands Endowment Trustees have awarded  354 scholarships valued at $ 354,000.00 to graduating seniors!

Endowment Scholarships and Recipients:

Milad & Fanny Abraham  General  5 @ $2,000Chayce Baldwin
Caden Bomback
Renee Clippinger
Kristin DeWitt
Delaney Overstreet
Susan Beecheler For Future TeachersTeaching Career1 @ $1,000Kelsey Hardwick
Debbie Cook Fine ArtsFine Arts1 @ $750Chayce Baldwin
Firelands and South Amherst Rotary  & Falcon Heroes Video  General2 @ $1,000   1 @ $1,000   2 @ $1,000Donald Crawford
Julia Douzos
Samantha Novak
Hattie Born
Joshua Gallo
Cameron Greene Memorial  General1 @ $750Delaney Overstreet
John Hostetler  Medical or Agriculture1 @ $1,000Emilia Lewis
Jim Solomon Memorial  Sports/ Science1 @ $1,000  Evan Zidar
John & Ethel Lupe MemorialGeneral1 @ $1,000Andre Mooney
Bechtel Family Scholarship (2nd Year college students only)                                                 2 @ $2,000Kaylee Bogs
Ashley Strauss
The Steve and Courtney Ortner Family FFA Scholarship  Agriculture  1 @ $1,000Donald Crawford
H.A. Born ScholarshipAgriculture1 @ $1,000Mitchell Hodges
Marilyn Immler Memorial ScholarshipSA Scholar Athlete1 @ $1,000Samantha Novak
Total $27,500 

LCCC Trustee Scholarships

All students with a 3.7 GPA or higher were awarded the LCCC Trustee Scholarship and all Students with a 3.4 to a 3.69 were awarded the LCCC Presidential Scholarship. The Trustee Scholarship covers 60-72 credit hours of tuition over two consecutive years and the Presidential Scholarship covers 40 credit hours over two consecutive years. Not all students will attend LCCC and accept the scholarship, and some are currently undecided.” In addition, LCCC is offering 9 credit hours free to graduating seniors this summer!

Community Scholarships

FEA Memorial Scholarship: Caden Bomback and Dalaney Overstreet (tie)

Firelands Athletic Boosters Scholarship:  Sam Solowiej

Franklin B. Walters All-Scholastic Scholarship: Renee Clippinger

Brownhelm Historical Association Scholarship: Grace Sherman

Tracy Johnston Lighthouse Scholarship: Emilia Lewis

Mr. Muth Memorial Scholarship: Renee Clippinger

Michelle Brand Memorial Scholarship: Julia Krynak

Top Five Seniors in The Class of 2021:

  • Renee Clippinger
  • Emilia Lewis
  • Delaney Overstreet
  • Grace Edwards
  • Evan Zidar

On May 28th, the Seniors were served a breakfast and another round of awards were given. Please help us congratulate the following seniors:

Firelands Positive People: Eiryn Smith

The Kyle Zukowski Memorial Scholarship: Kelsey Hardwick

Strive Scholarships: Rebecca Yost and Logan Angney

Lion’s Club Student of The Year: Renee Clippinger

Barb Becker Memorial Scholarship: Samantha Novak

Beth Becker Female Athlete Scholarship: Grace Sherban

Band Booster Scholarships: Samantha Novak, Joshua Gallo and Grace Sherban

College Now Scholarship: Delaney Overstreet

Outstanding Senior at LCJVS: Eduardo Diaz

LCJVS Technical Honor Society: Julia Douzos

LCJVS William Burton Scholarship: Emma McCann

The Latteman Scholarship: Alex Angle and Casey Kelley

National Foundation High School Excellence: Caden Bomback and Megan Sutton and Madison Sutton

OHSSA Archie Griffin Award: Zach Brill and Samantha Novak

OHSSA Scholar Athlete Award: Even Zidar and Renee Clippinger

OHSSA Courageous Student Award: Nathan Boucher

Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence: Rebekah Selent and Josh Gallo

US Marine Coprs Scholastic Excellence Award: Emilia Lewis and Renee Clippinger

OHSSA Adult Integrity Award: Mr. Von Gunten and Mr. Jackson

In addition to the above awards, 31 students from the Teen Leadership Corps (TLC) received their cords for graduation, 5 students from FFA were awarded book scholarships and 7 students from FFA were recognized for obtaining their FFA State Degrees.

Please see the slideshow for pictures from the Senior Breakfast below: