Construction Update: October 5, 2020

Firelands Local Schools

New High School Construction Update # 6

Work on the “building pad” has been completed. This is a flat, stable base from which the actual construction of the building will occur. The contractor is currently excavating soil for the new parking lot and the detention basin. The detention basin is a large shallow dry pond that holds water on the site during heavy rainstorms to prevent flooding the school’s neighboring property.

Progress on the building design continues. The architects have been meeting with various teachers and other district staff to finalize many of the details of each learning space.

One exciting feature is the “Extended Learning Areas” or ELA’s. These are specialized, open and flexible learning areas spaced throughout the building. The ELA’s are designed to accommodate a wide variety of teacher instructional practices. These spaces will provide students with an exciting new alternative place to collaborate with their peers in all subject areas. The ELA’s will help to ensure that our new high school supports whatever the future holds for our students!