Construction Update: 9-1-20

BSHM Architects has been continuing their design work. They are meeting with various program staff to discuss the detailed layout and requirements for each space in the building. One area of note is the new cafeteria and kitchen. District staff, the architects and their kitchen consultant have been working to complete the selection of equipment and furnishings. The new kitchen design will allow for greater efficiency in preparing/serving food. The design will also provide for the opportunity to offer new meal options. We are excited that the new cafeteria will provide an outstanding dining experience for our students, staff and visitors!

The architects have also been working on the color selection for all exterior materials including brick, window frames and other metal components. Their goal is to deliver a color scheme that is vibrant and exciting, but also reflective of the heritage and history of the community.

Progress on the work of the Early Site package continues. The various subcontractors held their first job meeting and it is anticipated that large earth moving equipment will arrive on site this week. A formal groundbreaking ceremony has been scheduled for September 15th at 6:30 PM via Facebook Live. Holding such a ceremony is a long-standing tradition for large scale construction projects like this one.