Construction Update 8-26-2020

FHS Building Project

Firelands Local Schools: New High School Construction Update

Fencing has been installed surrounding the building project.

At the last Board of Education meeting, the Board voted to award a contract to Greenspace, Inc. for the Early Site Package GMP #1. This action makes it possible for construction work at the site to begin. Although it has only been a few days, Greenspace has already installed the construction fencing that will secure the site. Later this week, gavel access driveways will be installed and sometime next week the construction trailers will arrive. Permits for water tie-ins and temporary electrical service have been obtained. It won’t be long before topsoil is stripped away from the site and moved to a pile that will be located on the east side of the property. That soil will be re-used at the end of the project as part of the final landscaping work.

The work being performed this fall will allow the contractors to get a good jump start on the installation of foundations much earlier in the spring of 2021. Good weather this spring will help our project schedule and will give us all another reason to look forward to the warmer weather next year!