2020 Senior Awards

Congratulations to all of our seniors that were recognized during the Senior Awards program on April 29, 2020. During the presentation, members of the senior class that have earned awards (to date) were announced.

This virtual presentation was arranged by FHS Counselor, Ms. Cozza. Presenters include administrators, teachers, and members of the Firelands Endowment Committee. The ceremony can be watched here!

Senior Awards Night

The following students were recognized during the program:

Bechtel Family Scholarship:  Bayus, Grace
Bechtel Family Scholarship:  Bowling, Estelle
Franklin B. Walter:  Formholtz, Samuel Gerard
Firelands Positive People:  Cyrus, Michael Thomas
Brownhelm Historical Association:  Kaminski, Cole Emmanuel
Michelle Brand Memorial:  Johnson, Sierra Storm
FEA Memorial:  Price, Grant Gregory
Amherst Rotary:  Janosik, Jordan Leigh
Mr. Muth Memorial Scholarship:  Stewart, Emily Michelle
Traci Johnston Lighthouse:  Loyd-Frederick, Kaya Lynne
Firelands Athletic Boosters:  Coggins, Alexys Josephine
Firelands Athletic Boosters:  Price, Grant Gregory
Firelands Athletic Boosters:  Stewart, Emily Michelle
Firelands Athletic Boosters:  Strauss, Ashley Elizabeth
John & Ethel Lupe Memorial:  Hopkins, Rebecca Anne
Marilyn Immler Memorial Scholarship:  Iwanek Jr, Steven Anthony
Steve and Courtney Ortner Family FFA Scholarship:  Kenska, Taylor
Susan Beecheler For Future Teachers:  Hopkins, Rebecca Anne
Jim Solomon Memorial:  Kaminski, Cole Emmanuel
Debbie Cook Fine Arts:  Selent, Jenna Diane Marie
Firelands Community-South Amherst Rotary:  Eberhardt, Holly Elizabeth
Firelands Community-South Amherst Rotary:  Selent, Jenna Diane Marie
Firelands Community-South Amherst Rotary:  Stewart, Emily Michelle
Firelands Community-South Amherst Rotary:  Wossilek, Justin Michael
H.A. Born Scholarship:  Kenska, Taylor
Cameron Greene Memorial:  Stewart, Emily Michelle
John Hostetler:  Formholtz, Samuel Gerard
Milad & Fanny Abraham:  Davis, Alessandra Caleigh
Milad & Fanny Abraham:  Formholtz, Samuel Gerard
Milad & Fanny Abraham:  Kaminski, Cole Emmanuel
Milad & Fanny Abraham:  Strauss, Ashley Elizabeth
Milad & Fanny Abraham:  Walcott, Samantha Elizabeth
LCCC Diversity Incentive Award:  Frazier, Sierra Christine
LCCC Presidential Scholarship:  Bowling, Megan Raeanne
LCCC Presidential Scholarship:  Mack, Mackenzie Susan
LCCC Presidential Scholarship:  Oliver, Luke Ryan
LCCC Presidential Scholarship:  Ransom, Grace Elizabeth
LCCC Presidential Scholarship:  Unger, Elizabeth Ann
LCCC Presidential Scholarship:  Wells, Kaylee Faye
LCCC Presidential Scholarship:  Willis, John Alan
LCCC Trustee Scholarship:  Andolsek, Riley Jason
LCCC Trustee Scholarship: Ollis, Brooklyn Ashleigh
LCCC Trustee Scholarship:  Prideaux, Sophia Ann
LCCC Trustee Scholarship:  Toledo, Brianna Marie
Cum Laude:  Becker, Alaina Jewel
Cum Laude:  Boggs, Kaylee Ann
Cum Laude:  Boucher, Claire Elizabeth
Cum Laude:  Bowling, Megan Raeanne
Cum Laude:  Giacopelli, Daniel Richard
Cum Laude:  Hager, Daniel Patrick
Cum Laude:  Jackson, Christopher Rocco
Cum Laude:  Johnson, Sierra Storm
Cum Laude:  Keown, Bryce Leelynd
Cum Laude:  Kraus, Nathaniel Joseph
Cum Laude:  Michalski, Amber Rebekah
Cum Laude:  Mullins, Jacob Earl
Cum Laude:  Oliver, Luke Ryan
Cum Laude:  Pluta, Emily Nicole
Cum Laude:  Ransom, Grace Elizabeth
Cum Laude:  Schuler, Austin Peter
Cum Laude:  Toledo, Brianna Marie
Cum Laude:  Unger, Elizabeth Ann
Cum Laude:  Wells, Kaylee Faye
Cum Laude:  Whitacre, Christine Elise
Cum Laude:  Willis, John Alan
Magna Cum Laude:  Campbell, Michael David
Magna Cum Laude:  Coultrip, Chance Michael
Magna Cum Laude:  Eberhardt, Holly Elizabeth
Magna Cum Laude:  Griebe, Kyle George
Magna Cum Laude:  Hall, Logan Riley
Magna Cum Laude:  Howington, Logan David
Magna Cum Laude:  Laughrey, Lillian Rose
Magna Cum Laude:  Moquete, Joselyn Dominque
Magna Cum Laude:  Ollis, Brooklyn Ashleigh
Magna Cum Laude:  Price, Grant Gregory
Magna Cum Laude:  Prideaux, Sophia Ann
Magna Cum Laude:  Selent, Jenna Diane Marie
Magna Cum Laude:  Strauss, Ashley Elizabeth
Magna Cum Laude:  Thompson, Alyssa Nicole
Magna Cum Laude:  Widener, Lauren Danielle
Summa Cum Laude:  Andolsek, Riley Jason
Summa Cum Laude:  Davis, Alessandra Caleigh
Summa Cum Laude:  Ennemoser, Julia Christine
Summa Cum Laude:  Formholtz, Samuel Gerard
Summa Cum Laude:  Hopkins, Rebecca Anne
Summa Cum Laude:  Iwanek Jr, Steven Anthony
Summa Cum Laude:  Janosik, Jordan Leigh
Summa Cum Laude:  Kaminski, Cole Emmanuel
Summa Cum Laude:  Loyd-Frederick, Kaya Lynne
Summa Cum Laude:  Rose, Robert Nelson
Summa Cum Laude:  Stewart, Emily Michelle
Summa Cum Laude:  Walcott, Samantha Elizabeth
Summa Cum Laude:  Walker II, David Ryan
Summa Cum Laude:  Weber, Julianne Blythe
Summa Cum Laude:  Wossilek, Justin Michael
Summa Cum Laude:  Yoby, Vincent Christopher


Well done seniors! Congratulations to each of you that earned recognition. In addition, thank you to all of the people who participated in this celebration!

Best wishes to The Class of 2020!