Veterans Day at FES

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On November 8, 2019, the 4th grade students presented their annual Veterans Day program for honored guests. Those in attendance were seated in chairs that were draped in white and tied with red or blue bows.

Principal Sun Choe, the emcee of the event stated, “Today, there are more than 25 million veterans living among us. As Americans, we have a duty to recognize the contributions made by our veterans and to thank them for their devotion to our country.

One-by-one, the students recited facts about each branch of the military.  The students also sang each armed service song. Below you will see a class singing The Marines’ Hymn:


Approximately 60 veterans were recognized during the program. After their names were read (with a brief  recap of their service) each veteran received a small token of appreciation from the student that extended the invitation.

A lot of practice and planning went into this event. When fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Eibel, was asked about the program she stated, “The Veterans Day program gives our students a chance to understand how important it is to thank the individuals who make our country a place for anyone to have the freedom to achieve their dreams.”

The Veterans Day program was possible due to the work of the following people:

  • Mrs. Eibel: 4th Grade Teacher
  • Mrs. Kerestury: 4th Grade Teacher
  • Miss Miller: 4th Grade Teacher
  • Mrs. Radanovich: 4th Grade Teacher
  • Mrs. Scalli: 4th Grade Teacher
  • Mrs. Thoms: 4th Grade Teacher
  • Paul Neurlic: Intervention Specialist
  • Mrs. Woods: FES Music Teacher
  • Mrs. Choe: Principal and emcee
  • Mrs. Hozalski, Mrs. Dalton, Mrs. Wolfram: Program and reservations
  • Mr. Horne: Gym flexibility
  • Firelands Elementary PTG provided refreshments


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You can download the program here: FES Veterans Day Program 2019