2018-2019 Senior Scholarship and Award Winners

“Combining Scholarships and CCP credits, the Class of 2019 has earned just over $2.33 million toward a 4-year degree, which is a fantastic achievement”

FHS Principal Robert Maver


The following is a partial list of Scholarships and Awards presented to the Firelands Class of 2019 on May 24, 2019!

Schl morning 19


Congratulations to the 2018-2019 Firelands Endowment Scholarship Winners!

Milad & Fannie Abraham 5 @ $2,000
Cora Born, Macey Butchko, Halli Kromer, Emma Sherban, Isabel Solowiej
Bechtel Family Scholarship 1 @ $2,000
Noah Metzger
Susan Beecheler 1 @ $1,000
Alexander Brill
H.A. Born Memorial Scholarship 1 @ $1,000
Madison Flanagan
Debbie Cook Scholarship 1 @ $750
Sarah Drury
Firelands Community 4 @ $1,000
Zachary Baldwin, Elizabeth Dempsey, Sarah Drury, Matthew Kovach
South Amherst/Firelands Rotary 1 @ $1,000
Zachary Baldwin
Cameron Greene 1 @ $750
Isabel Solowiej
John W Hostetler 1 @ $1,000
Genalda Finley
Marilyn Immler Memorial Scholarship 1 @ $1,000
Rachel Taddeo
John & Ethel Lupe Memorial 1 @ $1,000
Breanna Dechant
Jim Solomon 1 @ $1,000
Nathan Thompson

Lion’s Club Student of the Month

Emma Sherban 18

Emma Sherban, Student of the Year

September: Emma Sherban

October: Nathan Thompson

November: Macey Butchko

December: Breanna Dechant

January: Alex Brill

February: Josh Kelley

March: Zachary Baldwin

April: Michael Durdak

May: Genalda Finley

Student of The Year: Emma Sherban

John and Marilyn Jones Award

Zachary Baldwin

Strive Award Winners

strive 19

Tyler Valez, Dorrien Rosebeck, Gavin Markel, Morgan Kopocs, Ky’ra Hall, and Abby Berry- Student of the Year


United State Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award

schol excell 19

Isabel Solowiej and Michael Durdak


Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence

logan stemper fi 19

Logan Willis


United States Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award

marines dish ath 19

Alex Brill and Ava Mastellone


FFA State Degrees

Zach Born, Macey Butchko, Taylor Ostrander, Keith Cornwell, Madison Flanagan, Breanna Dechant, and Taylor Kenska


FFA Scholarship Awards

ffa state 19

Devon McGinnis, Zach Born, Logan Bishop, Macey Butchko, Genalda Finley, Lilly Dempsey, Rob Harker and Taylor Ostrander


Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award

archie griffin 19.jpg

Nathan Thompson and Emily Squires


Courageous Student Award

courageous student 19

Matthew Kovach


OHSSA Award of Excellence for Exemplary Display of Sportsmanship, Ethics & Integrity

sportsmanship 19

Alex Brill and Grace Bayus


OHSAA Scholar Athlete

OHSAA Scholar 19

Isabel Solowiej and Zachary Baldwin


Beth Becker Female Student-Athlete Scholarship

Becker award 19

Isabel Solowiej


Norris and Phyllis Latteman Award

Latteman 19

Austin Urban and Matthew Kovach


Firelands Athletic Booster Club Scholarship Winners

Zachary Baldwin, Matthew Kovach, Isabel Solowiej and Austin Urban


Honors Diploma Recipients

The State of Ohio designates specific requirements to achieve an Honors Diploma from a high school in the State of Ohio.  Honors Diploma designation have expanded to the following areas: Academic Honors, International Baccalaureate, Career Technical, STEM, the Arts, and Social Science and Civic Engagement.  This designation is recognized by a sticker placed on the diploma. Congratulations to the following 24 students: Zachary Baldwin, Cora Lynn Born, Macey Butchko, Elizabeth Dempsey, Sarah Drury, Michael Durdak, Madison Flanagan, Henry Grame, Beau Grude, Chad Hieb, Nicole Kraus, Adam Lacey, Jacob Martin, Michael Nicolaou, Tyler Rado, Emma Sherban, Isabel Solowiej, Nicholas Street, Timothy Street, Rachel Taddeo, Nathan Thompson, Trevor Weller, Logan Willis, Carlie Wotton  .  How about a nice round of applause for our Honors Diploma recipients.  Congratulations on this outstanding accomplishment.


LCCC Associate Degrees

Cora Lynn Born, *Sarah Drury, *Emma Sherban, Trevor Weller, and Carlie Wotton.

* Denotes 2 Associate Degrees


Military Recognition

Bianca Hennessey for her commitment to the United States Army.


Best wishes to the Class of 2019!


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