FLSD Retirements 2019

Please help us wish the following staff members a very happy retirement. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with theses ladies:

Mrs. Ann Callahan: FHS teacher

Callahan Anne

Mrs. Jill Kelley: SAMS and FES teacher

Kelley Jill

Mrs. Jean Lilijegren: SAMS and FHS teacher

Liljegren Jean

Mrs. Bonnie Saltis: Transportation

Saltis Bonita

Mrs. Sara Schlechter: Transportation

Sara Schlechter

Mrs. Linda Seman: Secretary to the Superintendent

Seman Linda

Mrs. Andrea Stemple: FHS teacher

Stemple Andrea

Your dedication to our district is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your endless patience, motivation and persistence which helped our students become better people.  Your many years of service has not gone unnoticed.

Wishing each of you all of the best and remember ~ Once a Falcon, Always a Falcon!

you cant retire from being great