Junior SAT DAY: March 6th

SATAll members of the Class of 2020 will be taking the SAT on Wednesday, March 6th, beginning at 7:30 am.  Pre-registration at FHS will be in Financial Literacy or Personal Finance classes, beginning this Friday.  Mr. Maver will be going to the LCJVS to pre-register all JVS juniors on Monday, February 25th.  All juniors will report to FHS on Wednesday, March 6th, and the JVS juniors are not expected in class at the JVS on that date.  All other grades will not have school at FHS on March 6th, as the day should be used for a job shadow, college visit, or career exploration activities.

Juniors will have the opportunity to take the SAT at FHS on Wednesday, March 6th, beginning at 7:30 am. The SAT is accepted at all U.S. colleges; it measures what students are learning in high school and what they need to know to succeed in college and career. We’re pleased to offer SAT School Day to FHS juniors so that your teen is more comfortable and confident by testing in a familiar place, you don’t have to worry about logistics of getting your teen to a test center, and there is no worry about weekend conflicts or disrupting family time!

Testing will end at approximately noon on March 6th, and students will then be excused from school at that time.  There will be lunch available to purchase for our juniors after testing has completed.  Buses will run at the normal times for the juniors in both the morning and afternoon, if they cannot get a ride either to or from school.  There will be a quiet study hall available to our juniors after lunch who ride the bus home.

To help prepare with the pre-registration, click here to access the SAT Student Guide for Digital Testing.  It is imperative that your student knows the following things before prior to this process beginning:

1.  What colleges, universities, or scholarship organizations they would like to send their scores to

2.  If they would like to utilize Score Choice, an SAT free program explained on page 3 of the SAT Student Guide

3.  If they would like to utilize the Student Search Service, also a free SAT program also explained on page 3

4.  There is a survey which also includes knowing your cumulative GPA.  Ms. Cozza will have that information handy during pre-registration

We are excited to be giving our juniors this opportunity to take a free SAT, which is about a $50 value.  This is made possible by the Ohio Department of Education.  Good luck to all our juniors who are taking this big step to prepare for college and career.

Bob Maver
Firelands High School