New League for FLSD


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Firelands Local Schools will be moving to the Lorain County League, beginning with the upcoming 2019-20 school year. The Patriot Athletic League will be no more, but the LC8, which is the logo of the Lorain County League, will allow Firelands to keep all of our county rivalries, and will create a league with one division. Joining Firelands will be Black River, Brookside, Clearview, Columbia, Keystone, Oberlin, and Wellington. The league kicks off this fall, so look for new LC8 media outlets to promote our students and league. The original Lorain County League was formed in 1924, and was represented by Brownhelm, Camden, Kipton, Henrietta, and South Amherst. The league broke up in 1961, but came together again in 1986, until the Falcons left in 2005 to join the WSC. This will be the third start-up of a solid, small school league for Lorain County.

From the desk of Mr. Robert Maver, FHS Principal.