Vaping Epidemic

The use of e-cigarettes in high schools across the country has become an epidemic, according to the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. They state that 16% of all high school students are regularly using e-cigarettes.

E-Cigarettes are so small and discrete you may not realize them, including the fact that students may be trying to use them in class or at home, without being noticed. We look to education and prevention as a way to deter our students from using these devices. The dangers of vaping are becoming more apparent, as the government tries to crack down companies clearly marketing to under-age students. The allure of the flavored vaping ingredients are another example of these companies trying to attract young users to their products.

Linked in this article from the Prevention Action Alliance are resources to further educate yourself into the dangers of this epidemic. I highly encourage everyone to refer to these resources so that you may have the knowledge to speak with your children about the dangers of vaping. Click here for resources.

Smoke Free 2017

Firelands is a 100% Tobacco-Free Campus. This policy also includes the use of any type of e-cigarette device.


Article written by Principal Maver.