Mr. Moyer Awarded Grant

Mr. Thomas Moyer has once again been chosen as the winner of the CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation Teachers and Technology grant to be used in his Physics curriculum!


Mr. Maver, Mr. Moyer, and Mr. Ragozzine


The program awards grants to schools in CenturyLink’s local service areas on behalf of teachers who have developed specific plans to innovatively implement technology in their classroom.

With his $5,000 Teachers and Technology Grant, Mr. Moyer will purchase robots for his Physics curriculum. According to Moyer, “Robotic technology in the classroom allows students to manipulate factors in analyzing the physics of any given scenario. Students will be able to utilize the scientific method to code and recode their robots to test out their hypothesis. Further, students will have the opportunity to display cooperative learning and critical thinking as they maneuver through the challenges set forth by the incorporation of robotics and coding into the physics curriculum.”

This is the second year that Mr. Moyer was awarded the grant! In 2017 his application was accepted and he used the funds to purchase wireless scientific probes and tablets to implement into the science curriculum.

Congratulations to Mr. Moyer and thank you to CenturyLink for this wonderful gift of 21st century scientific equipment for our students!

Read the Press Release here: Press Release Moyer 2018