Falcon Fuel at SAMS

Falcon Fuel logoMrs. Ammar’s class at South Amherst Middle School has started a coffee shop called Falcon Fuel. The coffee shop was able to start thanks to the Friends of Firelands Grant and the Jim and Gail Meink Grant. The class made a grocery list for everything needed for the coffee shop and then took a trip to Wal-Mart to shop for the items. The teachers and staff within the middle school and the Board of Education order their iced tea or iced coffee through our Falcon Fuel Ordering Form. The students then each have a designated job; Order Taker, Barista, Barista Assistant, and Product Manager. The Order Taker reads the order forms and makes a designated label. The Barista will brew the iced coffee or the iced tea. The Barista Assistant then reads the label and adds the designated creamers, sugars, or flavored syrups. The Product Manager finishes the drinks by topping it off with ice, stirring the drink, and then placing a lid on top. Once all drinks are finished the class delivers the drinks to the classrooms or offices. The students will greet the customers, collect their money, and give change back if needed. Through this experience the students have been able to learn the skills they will need when holding a real job. The students have learned and grown so much! The funds that have been raised with be split in between an event for the students at the end of the year and invested in the continuation of the coffee shop. The Falcon Fuel Shop was also presented at the Firelands Showcase. The students had the chance to tell community members about their experience. Falcon Fuel would love to say thank you to the teachers and staff who have participated in the coffee shop and for helping the students learn through the steps as well.

Falcon Fuel Shop

Submitted by Mrs. Ammar