Locker Clean Out for a Cause- June, 2017

Firelands Local Schools participated in the second annual Locker Clean Out for a Cause. Students placed items that they no longer wanted, such as used pencils or notebooks that still had some useful life, in a collections box. Items collected would normally have been thrown out by the students.

Meanwhile, bus drivers had collected the same type of materials off of the bus floors all year. Items that were not claimed, or would have normally been thrown away, were all donated to the cause.

Transportation Supervisor, Mr. Milt Sayler, started this collection process last winter. His extended family travels to Belize and works with children who must overcome many obstacles. The last mission trip focused on installing a sidewalk, landscaping, painting a church, work on the bathroom, and installing a pavilion.  The students did not have a functioning bathroom, and the team made sure to correct all of the plumbing issues.

The at-risk children in Belize have no welfare program or means to purchase basic supplies, let alone school materials. According to Chris Sayler, “The children are very curious as to why Firelands students would give them anything. It’s a hard thing to explain to someone who has nothing.” The team spends time reassuring children that they are thought about and cared about by people they will never meet.

Mr. Milt Sayler said, “Items collected from our district will be cherished in Belize by students who have little to no opportunity for pens, pencils, paper, etc. The items will be hand carried to Belize next year.” Many students often go without these basic supplies which makes obtaining an education that much harder.

If you wish to learn more about the Locker Clean Out for a Cause, please contact Mr. Milt Sayler at