2016-17 Falcon Racing Team

Soap Box Season Summary 16-17

FR 2017 6 team photo.jpg

The 2017 Falcons Racing Team recently competed in the Gravity Racing Challenge at Derby Downs race track in Akron, Ohio.  This year’s team worked extremely hard building, testing, and racing two soap box derby cars against over 100 teams from all over Ohio.  The performance of the cars are affected by the accuracy and precision during the car assembly, weight distribution, and driver strategy.  Students apply their knowledge of math and science while working collaboratively to maximize the performance of the cars  based on these factors.  After four close races, both teams missed moving on to the next round by under a second.  Congratulations on another successful season as a result of your hard work and dedication!

Falcon Racing Team members 2016-2017:

Kyer, Alex
Harker, Aiden (Driver)
Ortiz, Antonio
George, Harrison
Jaskiewicz, Tim
Adkins, Devan (Driver)
Cibroski, Noah
Burch, Dakota

Coach and adviser: Mr. Chuck Latto

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