Senior Honor Awards Ceremony

Seniors that achieved academic excellence at the conclusion of the seventh semester of high school were invited to the first annual Senior Honor Awards Ceremony. Counselors Mrs. Diane Zimmer and Mrs. Katelynn Goss, and Principal Mr. Robert Maver, hosted the event on April 25th at 6:30 pm at Firelands High School.

These students were recognized for their outstanding academic performance through high school. Latin honors stoles were distributed for graduation and scholarship awards were presented in front of students and family members.

Latin Honors

Students that have achieved the high academic distinction of Summa Cum Laude (GPA of 4.0 or higher), Magna Cum Laude (GPA of 3.75 to 3.999), and Cum Laude (GPA of 3.5 to 3.749) were recognized. Each received an honor stole to wear at graduation.

Summa Cum Laude: Gold Stole

  • Hailey Blankenship
  • Matthew Brightbill
  • Karlie Bukovac
  • Sarah Gallo
  • Benjamin Laughrey
  • Elizabeth Miller
  • Grace Pohorence
  • Sophia Pohorence
  • Elizabeth Skolnik
  • Sarah Slack
  • Megan Vaughn
  • Emily Wagner
  • Michael Whitacre

Benjamin Laughrey

Magna Cum Laude: Silver Stole

  • Kayla Bailey
  • Grace Boucher
  • Matthew Browning
  • Averi Cleary
  • Samuel Dempsey
  • Andrea DiAsio
  • John Gall
  • Kyle Hieb
  • Elizabeth Lewis
  • Nicholas McCrary
  • Emma Mowry
  • Demetria Nicolaou
  • Sydney Novak
  • Lynn Schmittle
  • Carol Lynn Stevens
  • Meagan Weller

Carol Lynn Stevens

Cum Laude: Black Stole

  • Aaron Alston
  • Max Bailey
  • Patrick Brightbill
  • Rachel Coggins
  • Maley Foster
  • Victoria Grasso
  • Maxwell Hertensteiner
  • Daniel Hribal
  • Hailey Koster
  • Mikayla Mains
  • Hailey Mezurek
  • Loren Myer
  • Colin Myers
  • Jenna Pleban
  • Connor Price
  • Zoe Simmons
  • Madison Sims

Colin Myers

Lorain County Community College Scholarships

Students were recognized that  received the Presidential and Trustee Scholarships from Lorain County community College.

The Presidential Scholarship  is for graduates who earn between a 3.4 and 3.699 high school GPA by the end of the sixth semester high school grading period. This scholarship covers 40 credit hours of tuition over two consecutive years. Awards can be used for tuition for courses in associate degree programs as well as LCCC courses within a University Partnership bachelor’s degree.

The Trustee Scholarship is for graduates who earn a minimum 3.7 high school GPA or better at the end of the sixth semester high school grading period. This scholarship covers 60-72 credit hours of tuition over two consecutive years. Awards can be used for tuition for courses in associate degree programs as well as LCCC courses within a University Partnership bachelor’s degree.

Presidential Scholarship Winners:

Jenna Pleban and Zoe Simmons

Trustee Scholarship Winners:

Kayla Bailey, Max Bailey, Matthew Browning, Andrea DiAsio, Demetria Nicolaou, Grace Pohorence, and Carolyn Stevens


The Firelands Endowment

Firelands Schools Endowment Fund is awarding 21 scholarships for a total of $30,500 to deserving students of the Firelands School District.  This brings the total to 233 scholarships, totaling $246,000 since 1992 when the first scholarships were awarded.

Students apply for these scholarships through the guidance office in January of each year.  This year over 75 applications were received.  The Endowment Trustees review the applications and rate each student based on: school activities, leadership roles, community activities, work experience, recognition and awards.  It is important to be active students, not only in school but also in the community.

Students must also complete an essay, depending on the scholarship.  The trustees are looking for well written essays that show the character, initiative, desires and thought processes of the applicants.

The selection process is not easy, especially with the exceptional students that we have in the Firelands School District.

The Endowment Trustees are very happy to award this scholarships each year to deserving young professionals, who will represent the Firelands School District, to support their continuing education efforts.  These scholarships would not be possible without the continued support of the community through donations to the endowment.

Milad & Fannie Abraham Scholarships: Scholarships from long time Firelands supporters, Mr. and Mrs. Milad Abraham, each valued at $ 2,000.00.

  • Matthew Brightbill
  • Sarah Gallo
  • Colin Myers
  • Sophia Pohorence
  • Sarah Slack

Bechtel Family Scholarships: Scholarships for 2nd year college student valued at $1,000.00.

  • Logan Danicki
  • Cole Ference
  • Victoria Hritsko
  • Katalin Mullins
  • Anthony Schlessman

Susan Beecheler Scholarship: Scholarship from a Firelands teacher for Future Teachers valued at $1,000.

  • Grace Boucher

Firelands Community: Scholarships from the Endowment Trustees and one from the former South Amherst/Firelands Rotary, each valued at $ 1,000.00.

  • Samuel Dempsey
  • Abigail Giford
  • Grace Pohorence
  • Connor Price
  • Elizabeth Skolnik

Debbie Cook Scholarship: Fine Art Scholarship from a Firelands teacher for the pursuit of an arts degree valued at  $ 750.00.

  • Matthew Brightbill

Cameron Greene Scholarship: Scholarship that honors the memory of Cameron Green valued at $ 750.00.

  • Sarah Slack

John Hostetler Scholarship: Medical or Agriculture scholarship valued at $1,000.00.

  • Megan Vaughn

John & Ethel Lupe Memorial Scholarship: Scholarship that gives preference for students who participated in sports programming, either in the high school or community. Valued at $ 1,000.00.

  • Averi Cleary

Jim Solomon Scholarship: Sports or Science scholarship from a Firelands teacher valued at $ 1,000.00.

  • Maxwell Hertensteiner 


    Mrs. Solomon presenting Maxwell Hertensteiner with his scholarship

Senior Awards

Amherst Rotary Scholarship: A scholarship based on service valued at $ 1,500.00 each.

  • Grace Pohorence
  • Sophia Pohorence

Mr. Muth Memorial Scholarship: A scholarship to recognize leadership in the community, integrity, kindness, perseverance, and choosing to do the right thing even when those around them may not.  Book scholarship valued at $ 500.00.

  • Sarah Gallo

FEA Memorial Scholarship: A scholarship provided by the Firelands Educational Association for a student who writes about a problem that they see in today’s world, and what they would do personally to help solve that problem.

  • Sophia Pohorence

Michelle Brand Memorial Scholarship: Scholarship to honor the memory of Michelle Brand.

  • Grace Boucher

Music Booster Scholarship: Scholarship from the Firelands Band Boosters valued at      $ 500.00.

  • Grace Boucher

Marine Certificates and Awards:

  • Music Award – Nick Squires, Sarah Slack, and Grace Boucher
  • Academic Awards – Benjamin Laughrey and Sarah Slack
  • Athlete –  Matthew Brightbill and Megan Vaughn

SSgt. Riordon awarding Megan Vaughn and Matthew Brightbill thier awards

Army Certificates and Awards:

  • Sarah Slack
  • Benjamin Laughrey

Ohio University Award: OU Scholar Achievement award

  • Bryce Griebe

Class Speakers at Commencement:

  • Sarah Slack
  • Elizabeth Skolnik
  • Matthew Brightbill

*Several scholarships are still being finalized and will be added to this article once they have been awarded.

Slide show from the Senior Honor Awards Ceremony

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