Mr. Moyer Receives CenturyLink Grant

Mr. Thomas Moyer has been chosen as the winner of the CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation Teachers and Technology grant. The program, which has been offered since 2008, awards grants to schools in CenturyLink’s local service areas on behalf of teachers who have developed specific plans to innovatively implement technology in their classroom.

Moyer grant 2017 1

Mr. Ragozzine from CenturyLink presents Mr. Moyer with his grant.


Mr. Moyer submitted his application in hopes of being able to update his physics lab. According to Moyer, ” The method of utilizing meter sticks, stop watches, and other archaic equipment to help analyze patterns and concepts in nature is a 20th century skill. We have no technology at our school that helps our with 21st century laboratory skills. STEM education is at the forefront of our educational system. We want students to get excited about these endeavors. We want students to pursue careers in these fields. However, it’s hard for a child to become excited about science and see science come alive using outdated materials.”

As a result of his grant request, Moyer received  $4,895 to purchase wireless scientific probes and tablets to implement into the science curriculum. This is his first year as a teacher at Firelands High School.

Moyer Grant 2017 2

Mr. Moyer and his 2nd period Physics class!

The Moyer Press Release can be found here:  Press Release Moyer

Congratulations to Mr. Moyer and thank you to CenturyLink for supporting the Firelands community!