63rd Annual FFA Banquet

The 63rd Firelands FFA banquet was held on April 11, 2017 at the New Russia Township Hall. Almost 300 people were in attendance for this annual event.

Sean Miller, FFA President called the meeting to order. The 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 Firelands Offer Teams are as follows:

2017-2018                                                   2016-2017
President Sean Miller                              Sean Miller
Vice Pres Samantha Ives                        Grace Habeck
Secretary Emily Holcomb                      Samatha Ives
Treasurer Bianca Inman                        Noah Metzger
Reporter Macey Butchko                        Grace Pohorence
Sentinel Ian Valerius                               Evan Born
Student Advisor Noah Metzger             Elizabeth Lewis
Parliamentarian Morgan Nance            None
Asst. Sec. Anthony Houdeshell              Ian Valerius
Ast. Treas. Chance Coultrip                   Sophia Pohorence
Asst. Rep. Genalda Finley                      Emily Holcomb

During the year, students work hard in many different areas. At the banquet, students received recognition for some of those efforts.

Star Awards: Outstanding members at each degree level
Greenhand – Chance Coultrip


Chance Coultrip recieves his Star Greenhand Degree

Chapter – Genalda Finley
Junior – Samantha Ives
Senior – Sophia Pohorence
110% – Grace Pohorence






State Degrees: Given to the top members of a State FFA Association. Multiple requirements must be fulfilled.
Megan Brandich, Sean Miller, Emily Holcomb, Morgan Nance, Bianca Inman,  Clayton Spiegelberg,  Elizabeth Lewis, and Claire Vilagi

American Degrees: Awarded to the members who have demonstrated the highest level of commitment to FFA and made significant accomplishments in the Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAEs).
Alison Butler
Brandon Palmer-Star American Candidate and Star State Candidate


Brandon Palmer and Alison Butler American Degrees



National Award Recognition: Students and alumni were recognized for representing Firelands at the National Convention in 2016.
Ag Processing – National Finalist – Brandon Palmer
National Winner of Ireland Educational Tour – Brandon Palmer
National Talent Finalist – Macey Butchko
Michael Anadell – Silver Rated Beef Placement Proficiency
Alex Sabine – Silver Rated Diversified Crop Placement Proficiency


Public Speaking & Rating: Three different categories of public speaking were recognized.
Creed – Ben Brinton 1st in county, 3rd in subdistrict, gold
Advanced Prepared – Samantha Ives 2nd in sub-district, 1st in district, 5th at state semi finals (GOLD)
Extemporaneous – Emily Holcomb 2nd in sub-district, 4th in district


Junior Parliamentary Procedure: Teams conduct a mock chapter meeting to demonstrate their knowledge of basic parliamentary law and the correct use of parliamentary procedures.
Novice: (2nd in subdistrict, 4th in district, gold rated) President: Tad Miller, VP: Chance Coultrip, Sec: Jordyn Domin,
Treasurer: Nate Kraus, Reporter: Jacob Schmitz, Sentinel: Keith Cornwell, St. Adv: Kaleb Carver
Member: Luke Dempsey

Senior Parliamentary Procedure Team: Teams conduct a mock chapter meeting to demonstrate their knowledge of basic parliamentary law and the correct use of parliamentary procedures.
4th in district Samantha Ives, Emily Holcomb, Morgan Nance, Sean Miller, Robert Harker Jr, Lilly Dempsey, Genalda Finley

Top Fruit Sellers: Citrus and Strawberry sale to benefit Firelands FFA and outreach programs.
1st Clay Palmer – 87.5 boxes citrus, 2 flats strawberries, $2377
2nd Rob Harker Jr – 28.5 boxes citrus, 25.5 flats strawberries, $1370
3rd Sam Ives – 32 boxes citrus, 9 flats strawberries, $1053

Honorary Members: Chosen by the chapter for individuals who have provided exceptional service to the Firelands FFA.
Ms. Laurie Beran and Mrs. Susan Pohorence


Mrs. Beran and Mrs. Pohorence Honorary Members


Proficiency Awards: Through their SAEs, these students have developed specialized skill that they can apply toward their future careers.
Accounting Megan Brandich
Agricultural Education Claire Vilagi   Runner Up: Sam Ives
Agricultural Processing Emily Holcomb
Beef Production – Entrepreneurship Evan Born
Beef Production – Placement Elizabeth Lewis
Diversified Crop Production-Placement Sean Miller
Equine Management Placement Morgan Nance
Fruit Production Emily Holcomb   Runner Up: Sophia Pohorence
Goat Production Megan Brandich   Runner Up: Genalda Finley
Poultry Production Aaron Turnbull
Small Animal Production Kaitlyn Frazier
Vegetable Production Clayton Spiegelberg   Runner Up: Ian Valerius
Community Service Taylor Ostrander 410 hours
State Talent Macey Butchko


Sean Miller receives his award for Diversified Crop Production


Star State: The best of the best among students at the state level.
Brandon Palmer – Star State Agribusiness Finalist

American Star:  Winner has mastered skills in production, finance, management and/or research. The highest achievement for a person pursuing a career in agribusiness.
Brandon Palmer – Star American in Agribusiness Finalist

Fair Supreme FFA Exhibitor Candidates: Members who have submitted projects in all three areas at the Lorain County Fair.
Supreme Exhibitor: Sophia Pohorence
1st Runner Up: Grace Pohorence
2nd Runner Up: Sean Miller

Junior Fair Board Reps: Students who have proven leadership abilities and are willing to take on major responsibilities at the Lorain County Fair.
President: Mike Anadell, VP: Claire Vilagi, Treasurer: Samantha Ives, Executive members Sean Miller, Chris Fath, Allison Vilagi
Evan Born, Zachary Born, Brenden Cooper, Keith Cornwell, Genalda Finley, Carter Grude, Bianca Inman, Matthew Kovach
Nathan Kovach, Garrett Lewis, Rachael Minek, Colin Myers, Morgan Nance, Madison Stanley

Scholarship Awards: Members who have received all A’s in the first three quarters.
Evan Born, Elizabeth Lewis, Colin Myers, Grace Pohorence, Sophia Pohorence

Megan Brandich, Kaitlyn Frazier, Grace Habeck, Emily Holcomb ,Anthony Houdeshell, Bianca Inman, Sam Ives, Noah Metzger, Aaron Myers,
Mogan Nance, Madison Palmer

Macey Butchko, Lilly Dempsey, Genalda Finley, Madison Flanagan, Ava Mastellone, Dylan Minek

Hailie Bates, Chance Coultrip, Luke Dempsey, Sierra Johnson, Nate Kraus, Tad Miller, Bert Tenorio

Greenhand Degrees: Presented by the Firelands chapter to those who have submitted an application, and received approval, stating requirements were met for membership to the Firelands FFA.
Hailie Bates, Benjamin Brinton, Kaleb Carver, Caleb Caruthers, Keith Cornwell, Chance Coultrip, Lucas Dempsey,
Jordyn Domin, Madison Flanagan, Sierra Johnson, Taylor Kenska, Nathaniel Kraus, Thaddeus Miller, Jacob Schmitz,
Jacob Smith, Christian Sutton, Adelbert Tenorio IV

Chapter Degrees: Highest degree a chapter can bestow on its members. Students must be a Greenhand and have had two semesters of agricultural course work.
Tyler Bennett, Abigail Berry, Jordan Biglin, Zachary Born, Macey Butchko, Braeden Casper, Breanna Dechant,
Lilly Dempsey, Christopher Fath, Genalda Finley, Carter Grude, Robert Harker, Bianca Inman, Matthew Kovach,
Garrett Lewis, Austin Linn, Ava Mastellone, Devon McGinnis, Dylan Minek, Taylor Ostrander, Ian Valerius, Elijah Yoder

Career Development Event Teams: Contests that members compete in to test their skills learned through agricultural educational instruction.

Rural Soils – 9th in district G:Evan Born, S: Sean Miller, B: Garrett Lewis, Joey Tipple, Ian Valerius
Coach: Craig Norton
Urban Soils – 3rd in district, G:Sophia Pohorence, S:Grace Pohorence, B:Megan Brandich, Cheyanne Zenda, Kaleb (Sohia, Grace, Megan –
Coach Craig Norton 15th in state)
Tractor Troubleshooting: 2nd in District – Evan Born & Clayton Spiegelburg

Ag. Mechanics Skills – 1st in district unknown in state, Evan Born, Christian Sutton, & Clayton Spiegelberg (1st individually)

General Livestock (9th): G: Brenden Cooper, S: Kaitlyn Frazier, B: Nate Kraus & Keith Cornwell

Equine Management (2nd): G:: Bianca Inman (2nd individually), S: Morgan Nance, B: Kaleb Carver & Hailie Bates
Coach: Ruth Davis & Heather Davis
Poultry: (6th) G: Madison Flanagan, S: Sean Miller, B: Taylor Ostrander & Kerigan Borton
Coach: Madison Stanley
Wildlife Management: (4th in district) G: Emily Holcomb (5th ind) S: Bert Tenorio B: Clay Palmer & Zach Born

Small Engines: 1st District, State contest on April 25: Clayton Spiegelberg (2nd individual), Zach Born & Rob Harker
Coach: Mr. Greg Hendricks
Greenhand Test: G: Madison Flanagan, S: Nate Kraus, B: Bert Tenorio & Sierra Johnson

Job Interview: Senior Division: Bronze: Mary McCoy

Slide show from the banquet:

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Mrs. Shanna Finnegan is the Firelands FFA Advisor.