FHS Concert Band Update

From the desk of Mr. Dustin Wiley

The Firelands Band Boosters have been working hard to support our band program. In 2007 the band boosters started an initiative to purchase new Marching Band Uniforms for our high school students. At the time our band uniforms were close to 20 years old, and were in desperate need of replacement. That is when the idea for our annual Parade of Bands was born. The goal of our Parade of Bands was to raise money for our band to purchase new uniforms. Through generous donations and hard work from our boosters and community we were able to purchase new uniforms in 2007, and they premiered in the 2008 Marching Season.

Thinking in a fiscally responsible way, our boosters started a fund for the replacements and upkeep of our band uniforms. They designated $5,000 a year to be placed in a uniform fund, and with that money they have purchased new/replacement marching uniforms, and used the money for general upkeep of our uniform inventory. This year we looked at the state of our band uniforms, and our accounts balances and determined that we have at least another 5 to 10 years of life left in our current Marching Band Uniforms and we had almost enough to purchase a completely new set of uniforms already. We allocated $11,000 of the $30,000+  in our uniform account for the purchase of  uniform concert apparel. We purchased a set of Tuxes and Dresses for all of our High School Band Students. After the purchase of the marching uniforms we will still be able to purchase an entirely new set of Marching Uniforms within the next 5 years as long as we maintain our fiscal responsibilities of placing money aside for this endeavor.

I would like to personally thank our boosters for leading the charge to make this a reality. Because of their hard work we are now able to present our students at our many Concert Band Contests and Festival in the same way that many of our competitors do, in uniform tuxes and dresses.


At the April Board of Education meeting, the Band Boosters presented a framed photograph of the Concert Band in their new uniforms to the school board. The picture will be on display at the Board Office and a copy is below.

FHS Concert Band

The Firelands High School Band Spring Concert will be held May 10th at 7:00 p.m. at FHS. The public is always welcome at our musical events.