Carnaval in Spanish Class

Carnaval was celebrated in Spanish 3/4 classes at the high school on March 2nd.  This holiday is very popular in many countries around the world, but for Hispanic countries it usually entails lots of food, music, costumes, parades, friendly competitions between neighborhoods and colorful decorations in houses and throughout the community.  The students participating this year decorated the room, brought in food and made their own costumes.  A vote was taken for best costumes and best mask.  The winners were: 

Best costumes: 


1st place (tie) Hailey Mezurek and Kassidy Stevens. 2nd Place Samantha Jones. 3rd Place Demetria Nicolaou


Best mask: 


Samantha Jones



Carnaval Students!


Article submitted by Ms. Myer, FLSD Spanish teacher.