Robotic Competition Wrap Up

VEX Titan Qualifier Results Announcement 1617


On February 17th, the first ever Falcons Robotics team traveled to Lorain High school to compete in the VEX Titan Qualifier.  Through a team effort their Falconbot robots  ranked 27 and 28 while outscoring over 60 more experienced, high school and middle school teams from all over the state of Ohio.  Since October, the Falcons Robotics team worked extremely hard to build, program, and test their robots in preparation for this major event.

The Game:

“Students competed on a 12′ x 12′ field. Two opposing teams worked to attain a higher score than their opponents. Information regarding Vex competitions can be found here.



Falconbot Team 1 members included:

  • Drive Team: Donovan Kormish, Spencer Deremer, and Ethan Boggs
  • Programmers: Tim Jaskiewicz, Chris Kaczor, Donovan Kormish, Robbie Clark
  • Builders: Spencer Deremer, Alex Kyer, Ethan Boggs, Thomas Moore, Julianna Deremer
  • Engineering Notebook Writers: Max Anderson, Amaris Madding, Harrison George

Falconbot Team 2 members included:

  • Drive Team: Tim Kitts, Connor Bates, Gus Medina, Joe Formholtz
  • Programmers: Michael Smith, Connor Pleban, Ian Borton, Joe Formholtz
  • Builders: Tim Kitts, Devan Adkins, Gus Medina, Kevin Adkins, Tyler Bartlebaugh, Cohen Overstreet, Connor Bates
  • Engineering Notebook Writers: Gus Medina, Kevin Adkins

The Falcon Robotic Team

Congratulations on an excellent performance bringing the Starstruck VEX robotics season to an end!



Students are under the guidance of Mr. Chuck Latto, current Project Lead the Way  and science teacher at SAMS. Visit Mr. Latto’s website to learn more about our Falcon Robotics Team.

The robotics program is funded through grants obtained by Principal Cara Gomez. Follow @SAMSPrincipal (Twitter) or South Amherst Middle School -SAMS (Facebook) to watch videos from the competition.

Photo credit and many thanks to Mark Overstreet for sharing these pictures!