Thanks to our Basketball Coaches and Firelands Alumni Association

On Friday, February 10th, the Firelands Local Schools held an Alumni Night at the boys basketball game. Members of the Firelands Alumni Association (FAA) were on hand to help people sign up to become members of this great team.  The FAA brought together over 20 new members last week!

Also at the game, FLSD acknowledged previous boys and girls basketball coaches that are a part of our community. These individuals have been a part of Firelands for many years and they have impacted thousands of students, both on and off of the court. We were honored to be able to say thank you for the time dedicated to our boys and girls basketball programs.  We know that being a coach is more than two hours on a Friday night. Coaches sacrifice hours that are spent away from families, they find creative ways to fund programs that never have enough cash flow, season after season they support players (even after they have left FHS) academically, athletically and emotionally. For those reasons and so many others, we are deeply appreciative of the time these local coaches have given to the girls and boys basketball programs and we are so happy that these great coaches joined us for “One More Time on The Court.”


Coach Judy Dostall, Coach Jim Dostall, Coach Don Daniels, Coach Dave Kudela, Coach Bob Donelson, Coach Lori Kneisel.



Photo credit to Mrs. Jackie Flaczynski