Elected Officials Night

Firelands held its first Elected Officials Night on January 13th. All area elected officials were invited to a meet and greet with members of our student council.  Our guests had time to discuss local issues and meet fellow representatives.


Student Council Member Briana Bowyer, Vermilion’s Mayor Eileen Bulan, and Student Council Member Samantha Walcott


Student council members were able to introduce themselves and ask questions to their local government representatives. Our student council is also an an elected body so meeting adults in a similar capacity proved to be a great learning opportunity for our students.


Henrietta Township Trustee Ronald Baumann, Student Council Member Macey Butchko, Henrietta Township Trustee Joe Knoble, and Firelands School Board President Ben Gibson.


In attendance were:

Firelands School Board Members: Mike O’Keefe, Tom Myers, Ben Gibson, and Dan Pycraft

Brownhelm Township Trustees: Orrin Leimbach and Jim Northeim

Henrietta Township Trustees: Joe Knoble and Ron Baumann

South Amherst Council: Dave Troike

Florence Township Trustee: Skip Halliwell

New Russia Township Trustees: Patti Brubaker and Kelly Cameron

Lorain County Sheriff Representatives: Deputy Vangant, Deputy Pluta and Deputy Bungard

Camden Township Fiscal Officer: Connie Karney

Vermilion Mayor: Eileen Bulen

Kipton Mayor: Bob Meilander

Amherst Mayor: Mark Costilow


Each Elected Official was introduced to our crowd by Superintendent Mike Von Gunten and were given a Firelands Local School District mug for their dedication to local government.


Our local elected officials being recognized in the FHS gym .


Prior to the start of the Varsity game, Macey Butchko sang the National Anthem in honor of our special guests.


Firelands is a consolidated district that is made up of the Brownhelm, Camden, Florence, Henrietta and South Amherst school districts. We cover almost 100 square miles and reach into the cities and villages of Vermilion, Amherst, Oberlin, Wakeman,  Birmingham, Kipton, South Amherst, Berlin Heights, and Wellington. Thank you to all of our Elected Officials for everything that you do for Lorain and Erie Counties. We have a vast community with wonderful people that care deeply about our area.

Also, thank you these members of student council. They assisted us all evening and we appreciate your service!


Josh Kelly, Jordon Vaughn, Holly Eberhardt, Macey Butchko, Samantha Walcott, and Star Vaughn