February 4th Melanoma Awareness Game

On February 4th, Firelands and Edison will come together to support Edison’s previous coach, Todd Robinson. Todd was recently diagnosed with stage 3C melanoma  (a cancer that starts in a certain type of skin cell). Since his diagnosis, Todd has worked to raise awareness about melanoma.

Last week, Edison’s Athletic Director Tom Jeffery, Booster Chairman Brian Houser, and Todd Robinson were welcomed into our boys basketball practice. They spent time with our boys explaining why creating awareness among young people is so important.


Todd Robinson

In conjunction with Edison schools, shirts and wristbands will be sold at Firelands High School. Wristbands are $1.00 and Tee-shirts are $10.00. The merchandise will be sold through the office at FHS and by Student Council.  All proceeds will be donated to melanoma research. Anyone who purchases a shirt or wristband is asked to wear the merchandise to the basketball game. Edison is asking that everyone in the crowd, regardless if merchandise is purchased, help support awareness by wearing black, the color of melanoma awareness, to the game.

Varsity players will be wearing special warm up jerseys at the game. A private donor has sponsored shirts for each Varsity team that say “Team Robinson”.


Informational tables will be set up at the game to share printed information with those in attendance.



Team Robinson


The Firelands vs Edison game will be played at Edison High School starting at 6:00 pm on February 4th. Edison schools is located at 2603 State Rt 113, Milan, Ohio.

Please visit The American Cancer Society’s website to learn more about melanoma skin cancer.