Welcome to SAMS new mascot!

Something was missing at SAMS.


Introducing SAM Falcon!

Normal protocol for a middle school basketball game is to provide a concession stand for all of the guests. Over the past several years, the SAMS cheerleaders and their then adviser, Mrs. Wheaton, provided this service. They worked every game and saved as much of the profits as they could. They had a plan.

Earlier, students approached Mrs. Wheaton and told her that they wanted to be able to have a mascot at their games. The group decided to dedicate their efforts into making this happen! This year, they finally saved enough money to purchase a mascot! The mascot was introduced to the student body at the 7th and 8th grade boys basketball home opener and the students loved it!

The students suggested names and then voted on the one that they liked the best. The mascot’s name is Sam Falcon!

Thank you to Mrs. Wheaton,  Ms. Toni Baldwin, Samantha Novak, and to all of the cheerleaders who worked so hard to make this happen!