A Science Fair By the Art Department?

The Art 2, 3, 4 and Advanced Art students invite you to a science fair Dec. 6 of their art projects that interpret scientific studies made by summer student interns at the Cleveland Clinic. Dating back to 2005 the Cleveland Clinic eXpressions program aims to connect art and science through inviting art students to creatively interpret real scientific studies made by real students in a juried art competition. The works not only have to accurately relay some aspect of the study, but should also be aesthetically engaging and well-crafted. Firelands has a long legacy of participation and wins in this national program since becoming eligible to participate in 2007-08.

This year 53 students selected studies from a list of 74 choices. Art students had to read informational text in research posters, view the slideshows and listen to the audio presentations authored by the interns for understanding. The students saw the scientific method applied to real-world problems and had to research anatomy, physiology and medical terms to understand what was being studied. Art students then had to develop their interpretation of a chosen aspect of the study through symbolism or other visual devices into well-crafted art projects.

The project took a month from start to finish, which included writing 200-word artists statements and photographing finished work. The students are exhausted but very proud of their work while they wait for the results. The students would like to share their projects with you in a family reception and presentation on Tues. Dec. 6 from 6:30-7:30 pm in the FHS library. Select student presentations, “Best in Class” and “Peoples’ Choice” awards will be given. Middle school art and FHS Art 1 students are encouraged to attend.  Contact art teacher Laura Tawil for more information about the event. See http://civiceducation.clevelandclinic.org/School-Based-Programs/Our-Programs/eXpressions.aspx for more information about the program

Mrs. Laura Tawil leads the Art Department at Firelands High School.