4th Grade Veteran’s Day Assembly

The 4th grade students and teachers once again created an outstanding Veterans Day Program.  All 4th grade students were encouraged to invite an active or retired military guest to the program that was held on November 11th in the gymnasium at FES.

Prior to the program, the driveways were lined with American Flags out of respect for the guests. Students placed the flags themselves.flags-at-fes

Students  spent time researching each branch of the military.  Each class memorized the anthem from one of the military branches and individual students created posters describing the history of the branch. At the program students one-by-one, spoke about what they had discovered about the history of their branch. After the individual presentations were over, the classes then sang the anthem of their studied branch.


During the program, each Veteran’s name was read out loud and students presented their guests with a certificate of appreciation.

A cake reception was held after the program concluded and the children were able to thank their honored guests for attending!

This program was made possible through grant funding that was obtained by Ms. Terri Thoms and the contributions from the rest of the 4th grade team: Ms. Robin Bennett, Mrs. Kimberly Eibel, Mrs. Megan Kerestury, and Mrs. Susanne Scalli.