Because I Said I Would-Alex Sheen

sams-bisiw-2On November 16th, SAMS staff and students had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Alex Sheen to join us for an hour long all-school assembly.  He spoke with our 6th, 7th and 8th grade students focusing on the “Because I said I would” concept.  His social movement and non-profit organization is dedicated to the betterment of humanity.  He challenged each and every SAMS student and staff member to create and keep ten promises to build character, strength and peace among ourselves, family and community.  His message was clear and our students were amazed by his passion, determination and caring nature towards making our world a better place one promise at a time.  While he took time to share his personal story and focused on the seven elements of honor, he clearly related to our students as they remained engaged and inspired to make changes in their own lives.  Students will be creating a Promise Wall here at SAMS where all promises will be displayed to prove the importance we feel when stating our values and to continue to make a sincere attempt to live by them.  For more information, please go to Alex’s website.