Flight Simulators at SAMS

capStudents at SAMS recently had the special opportunity to learn from leaders of the local Civil Air Patrol (CAP) squadron located at the Lorain County Airport during their STEM class. Capt. Judy Ingersoll and Maj. Chuck Ingersoll taught the students about the science of flight including topics such as the motions of flight and the forces that affect a plane. Cadet Senan was also on hand and helped model the use of flight simulators, which the students had a week to use for practicing flight maneuvers. The CAP is an auxiliary of the United States Air Force consisting of volunteers that provide help with services such as search and rescue missions and disaster relief. For more information about the Civil Air Patrol and the youth programs they provide, please visit their webpage.


A student is guided through a flight by  Captain Judy Ingersoll and Major Chuck Ingersoll.



The students in Mr. Chuck Latto’s STEM class were taught what each instrument did on the control panel of an airplane and saw the impact as Major Ingersoll ran the simulation. After the presentation, the students were able to work with our guests to improve the success of their own flights.

Many thanks to the Civil Air Patrol and these individuals for spending time with our students and for allowing them to operate the flight simulators.
Additional information on the History of of CAP can be found here.