Introducing the Firelands Alumni Association!

We are proud to announce the creation of The Firelands Alumni Association!


1955 brought the first graduating class from the newly formed Firelands School District. On May 25, 1955, 43 students left our school with individual strengths and determination to find their own path. Whether they stayed local or moved overseas, they were still Falcons. Years later, we are still graduating great young men and women. Some will continue their education and become part of other institutions, but they were and always will be Falcons!


Firelands First Graduating Class – 1955

In order to maintain our history and improve communication for all of our graduates, The Firelands Alumni Association (FAA) has been formed. The FAA has set goals and will continue to reevaluate and add to theses goals. Some of which include:

  • Creating a Scholarship for graduating seniors
  • General support to our school district
  • Communications to all alumni (reunions, district information)
  • Recognition of a true Falcon Fan
  • Create a Hall of Fame
  • Directory of the Alumni Association

We are asking Firelands Alumni to sign up! There is no cost, and no requirement of volunteer hours. However, we will always welcome the help of anyone who would like to become involved with us!

To help us fund the organization we are having a shirt sale that runs for a week. All of the items have a Falcon and Firelands Alumni included. Long sleeve items have “Once a Falcon, Always a Falcon” on the sleeve. These would make a great Christmas gift, or a FABULOUS GRADUATION gift to the senior class of 2017! Please order and pay online. Merchandise will be delivered to the Board of Education around the end of October. Orders can be picked up there and notices will be send out when the merchandise arrives. . Visit    and use our access code: falcon9F7W to visit the Alumni  shop. You can see a quick view of the items below. Please help support this group!

Firelands High School Alumni - FIRELANDS HIGH SCHOOL (3) (3).jpg

In order to be a registered member, please download the Alumni Registration form here: firelands-alumni-registration-fillable. You are welcome to email the completed form to or mail to:

  • Jennifer Butchko
  • Public Relations Coordinator
  • Firelands Local Schools
  • Class of 1986
  • 112 North Lake Street
  • South Amherst, OH  44001
  • 440.986.1015 ext 1015


We appreciate your participation in this alumni group. Please follow the Facebook pages of #iAmFirelands and Firelands High School Alumni for additional information on all alumni events.

Go Falcons!