Firelands FFA at the Lorain County Fair-2016

FFA-Label-smallWellington, OH – As the 171th annual Lorain County Fair has come to a close, the Firelands FFA has stepped back and appreciated the experiences that the members have been a part of. 2016 has been an enormous year so far for this FFA Chapter and the Lorain County Fair added to the excitement. The projects that FFA members complete and exhibit at the fair are called “Supervised Agricultural Experiences” or “SAE” for short. These can range from growing vegetables to sell in a small stand to raising 100 head of cattle or anything in between. This year members have taken home many awards and proceeded to fill the Firelands High School trophy case with their achievements.

The Supreme Exhibitor was Sophia Pohorence. To receive this prestigious award you must bring the largest amount of shop, crop, and animal projects. She also received reserve grand champion medium reconstruction and second place in senior turkey showmanship . Graduate, Rachel Minek received class champion hog and overall swine showmanship. Graduate, Caitlin Gallagher received reserve grand champion steer, class champion steer with both steers, and reserve grand champion overall beef showmanship. Graduate, Mike Anadell earned third overall beef showmanship. Graduate, Ali Butler received pygmy goat overall reserve grand champion doe, class champion wether, class champion doe, and reserve grand champion doe. Bianca Inman earned second in beginner beef showmanship and a honorable mention for overall horse showmanship.


Rachel Minek received class champion hog and overall swine showmanship



Caitlin Gallagher recieved reserve grand champion steer, class champion steer, and reserve grand champion overall beef showmanship


Ty Ostrander received second place for FFA Engineering. Sean Miller received grand champion horticulture crop award. Ian Valerius earned grand champion FFA vegetables crop award. Ben Bickel received grand champion Ag engineering exhibit. Samantha Ives earned pygmy goat senior showmanship and showman of showman grand champion pygmy goat. Braedan Casper received reserve class champion gilt in type. Breanna Dechant earned grand champion poster, reserve grand champion type class pygmy goat, and reserve grand champion type class bantam hen. Kaitlyn Frazier received grand champion pygmy goat doe 0 to 6.

Erica Benton received second place Showman of Showmen and overall grand champion pygmy goat doe. Aaron Myers earned reserve grand champion type for pen of two chickens. Megan Brandich received chand champion level two pack goat. Genalda Finely received second place in boer goat showmanship. Grace Pohorence earned first place in senior turkey showmanship.

The 2015 Firelands FFA Junior Fair Board Members should be recognized for their hard work and devotion to the success of the Lorain County Fair. Thank you to all Junior Fair Board Members. We would like to especially recognize the Firelands FFA members that serve on the board: President: Ali Butler, Vice President: Katie Fath, Treasurer: Claire Vilagi, Executive Members: Jessica Beran, Evan Born, Christopher Fath, Bianca Inman, Samantha Ives, Jesse Jones, Nathan Kovach, Garrett Lewis, Sean Miller, Rachel Minek, Colin Myers, Madi Stanley, and Allison Vilagi.

The Firelands FFA would like to extend congratulations to all exhibitors at the 2016 Lorain County Fair as well as a sincere “Thank You” to all of the volunteers, judges, sponsors, buyers, and everyone who helped to make this year successful. Check out additional pictures on our Firelands FFA Instagram and Twitter.

Submitted by Grace Pohorence, 2016 -2017 Reporter