New Robotic opportunities are coming to SAMS!

Firelands Local Schools is proud to announce that South Amherst Middle School (SAMS) has received sponsorship funding via Nordson Corporation Foundation to offer its students the opportunity to study, design and compete in robotics. This STEM instruction time will provide an opportunity to enrich our students in engineering, coding, computer science concepts, and overall robotics.

The sponsorship funding will allow the district to purchase robotic equipment and a game field. Students will be under the guidance of Mr. Chuck Latto, current Project Lead the Wayvex 2.jpg and science teacher at SAMS. Interested students will engage in an application process and those who meet the criteria will be able to participate in this club. Students will also have an opportunity to participate in a competition in the spring!

Mrs. Cara Gomez, Principal of South Amherst Middle School, recognized an opportunity to further the education of her students by providing the chance to study robotics. She researched the different opportunities that were available and chose Vex Robotics as the platform for SAMS.  Mrs. Gomez said, “I am ecstatic to help provide this opportunity for our students. We have a talented group of young men and women that deserve the opportunity to further their knowledge of robotics through fun and competition”.


Mrs. Gomez and Spencer Deremer

In addition to Mrs. Gomez, SAMS had help from student Spencer Deremer, an 8th grade student who has been interested in engineering since he was an elementary student. “Ever since I participated in the Lego Olympiad at FES, I knew I wanted to learn more about robotics. With help from Mrs. Gomez, I sent a letter to The Nordson Foundation asking for this program to be available at my school”.

Now, due to the determination of these two, SAMS will have the opportunity to offer this program to our students. Thank you Mrs. Gomez, Spencer Deremer and The Nordson Corporation Foundation for providing a wonderful opportunity to our students!

Watch for additional information to be shared with students and families in September!