Joel’s Head Shaving Party

One of our young students, Joel Polen, was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Our elementary students, our staff, and our community has been behind this outstanding student from the day Joel’s challenge was announced.

Our elementary students participated in Penny Wars and several wonderful staff members volunteered to have their heads shaved if they raised the most money for Joel. Mr. Yakunovich raised the most and was honored with having his shaved in front of the entire elementary school!

Joel watching Mr Yakunovich

Joel watching Mr. Yakunovich take his turn. Photo credit to Art Mark Ink


Next up was our Superintendent, Mike Von Gunten. Mr. Von Gunten  had his head shaved with some help from Joel!

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No One Fights Alone. Photos of Mike Von Gunten. Credit to Julene Woods.

This, however, was just the beginning!

Mr. Ben Gibson and his sons, Sam and Luke started a gofundme account for Joel and his family. The team soon recruited others that were willing to shave their heads as a sign of solidarity with Joel! Each person offered their hair as a bounty to be given to the Polen family. In all, 45 heads were shaved on Saturday!


Joel. Photo credit to Art Mark Ink


To see the head shaving video, please follow this link.

Please keep the Polen family in your thoughts as Joel will continue to battle this disease over the coming months.

Fight on, Joel!

#iAmFirelands and we support you!