Lorain County K-9 Unit at FHS

Lorain County Sherriff 2

The Lorain County Sheriff’s K-9 Unit swept the lockers and parking lot at FHS in their ongoing effort to keep the high school safe and drug free.  The dogs spent about a 1/2 hour in the school and parking lot, with their handlers, searching for drugs and other paraphernalia items at FHS.

This is an ongoing partnership with the Firelands Local Schools and the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office to battle the ongoing epidemic of drugs in our county and surrounding communities.  FHS would like to thank Sheriff Deputy Rich Nisenboum and his team of dogs and handlers for their cooperation in the effort to keep drugs out of our schools and away from our students.  FHS is pleased to report that, although the dogs did alert to some lockers and cars, these alerts turned out to be false alerts.

Thank you again to our friends in the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office for helping to keep our students and community safe and drug free.