Invention Convention – 2016

A group of students from Mrs. Dempsey’s classroom recently competed at the Invention Convention. The objective of the Invention Convention is to reinforce Ohio’s Educational standards in math and science through critical thinking and problem-solving activities.  The program is open to students in grades K-8 and this was the first year that students from Firelands participated.

Students were asked to find a need or problem and to then create an interesting solution to that problem. The students kept a journal of their progress, created a tri-fold to explain the process, created a prototype of their solution,  and then presented their findings to a panel of judges.

This voluntary project was mostly done outside of school hours with students handling nearly all of the required steps themselves. 46 school districts in Northeast Ohio participated this year with 2,576 students taking part. Four of our Firelands Elementary students represented the district:

Sam Gibson
Jocelyn Bednar
Machaela Clark
Danny Dempsey

Invention Convention BOE

Danny Dempsey, Jocelyn Bednar and Machaela Clark share their projects and the requirements of the Invention Convention at the May BOE meeting.

In addition to a great experience, Sam Gibson received a Superior Award for his project, “The Digital Deer Tracker” at the Invention Convention!

Sam Gibson

Sam Gibson

Congratulations to these bright young students on a job well done and thank you to Mrs. Dempsey for supporting this opportunity!