FHS Students Explore Spain During Spring Break

9 intrepid FHS students made the commitment to study Spanish language and culture during spring break through an EF tour. Beginning in Madrid, the students, joined by 5 adults and Mrs. Tawil, were immersed in the language, art, history and culture of Spain and Europe. The group saw Roman aquaduct ruins in Segovia, the Hapsburg’s El Escorial, the Bourbon’s Palacio Real, bull-fighting rings, Real Madrid’s soccer stadium, damascene production in Toledo, Don Quixote’s windmills in Consuegra, the Alhambra in Granada, the cathedral in Seville. The itinerary wound through Andalucia and ended in Marbella on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. A highlight of the trip was a day spent on an agri-tour into the mountains of Malaga touring and tasting local honey, almonds, olive oil production and a traditional lunch in family homes of Alfarnatejo. Our next trip is tentatively scheduled for spring break 2018.

2016 spain trip 1

With our guide; Isabel Barnes, Alexis Lough, Demetria Nicolaou, Bruno (EF Guide), Sarah Slack, Louis Ward, Spiro (adult traveler), Jenna Pleban, Victoria Krejci, Michael Nicolaou and Connor Price


2016 Spain Trip 2

FHS students meet the Mediterranean Sea