Soap Box Derby Team 2016

The 2016 Falcons Racing Team is taking part in the Soap Box Derby Gravity Racing Challenge for the third time at the world-famous Derby Downs track in Akron, Ohio.  The Gravity Racing Challenge (GRC) consists of the construction, testing, and racing of a super-stock soap box derby car.   Construction involves meeting approximately once-a-week during the months of March, and April for an hour after school.  During these meetings, we are building and tuning the super-stock car following the All-American Soap Box Derby (AASBD) guidelines.  This project will teaches students about working as a team, basic physics concepts, and various areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  On May 6th, our team will spend a day testing at the AASBD racing facility in Akron.  The official Gravity Racing Challenge is scheduled for Saturday, May 14th.  During the competition students will race head-to-head against over 100 teams from all over the country.  Last year our team celebrated a 4th place finish overall with a large trophy.  Racers will reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour while traveling down the 1,000 ft. long hill, and the winner with the best overall time moves on to the next round.  Many close races are determined by a hundredth of a second!

Team members include:

Jaidyn Keene, Emily Campbell, Sam Solowiej, Leah Harris, Abigail Landreth, Abigail Kerby, Garrett Varndell, Grace Sherban, Liam Lockhart, and Anne Bartish.

For information regarding the competition, please click here.

Mr. Latto and Mr. Pelphrey are the Falcon Racing Team advisers. Good Luck Team!