FHS at Fava 2016

FHS Fava 2016

The fourth-year and senior-level art students have been honored once again with exhibition space at the FAVA South Gallery this year. All students enrolled in Art 4 and Advanced Art as well as senior students from Art 3 were invited to select two or three of their best works from the past year to exhibit. Work includes copper enameling, drawing, painting, sculpture, origami, photography and even a stained glass window mosaic.

Exhibiting students are seniors Natalie Crawford, Jerrod Horwedel, Tori Hritsko, Victoria Krejci, Olivia Mowry, Anthony Myer, Julia Ohle and Shelly Shupe with juniors Ian Crawford, Andrea DiAsio, Liz Miller, Loren Myer, Sydney Novak, Connor Price and Sarah Slack.

The exhibit will be open April 20-May 3rd at FAVA (87 South Main Street, Oberlin). Join us Tuesday – Saturday from 11-5 and on Sunday from 1-5. Please note that the exhibit will be closed on Mondays.

Information submitted by Mrs. Laura Tawil, FHS Art Teacher.