ODE looking for parent/teacher input

Comment period now open for revisions to Ohio’s Learning Standards in English language arts and mathematics

The Ohio Department of Education invites Ohioans to submit suggestions through April 5 as part of a periodic revision process for Ohio’s Learning Standards in English language arts and math. This feedback will help ensure the standards continue reflecting the most recent research and the experience of educators as they help students become ready for college and careers. 

Individuals or groups of individuals, who will find information about completing the online survey here, may submit their ideas for one or more grade levels and subject areas. Respondents are encouraged to submit online supporting evidence about their submissions. 

The department is forming several committees to help in analyzing the survey feedback, starting with advisory groups for math and English language arts. Representatives from educational organizations will serve as advisors and will provide direction to working groups of educators. 

The working group members will propose actual changes for the draft revised standards to the advisory committee. The department will hold a second comment period this fall for review of the draft revisions. 

To receive email notifications of the latest news on standards revisions, make sure you are signed up for your area of interest under Ohio’s Learning Standards here. For more information, see the Standards Revision page.