Student Advisory Committee – SAMS

Did you know that South Amherst Middle School has a Student Advisory Committee?

SAMS Student Advisory Committee (SAC) is a group of students from grades 6-7-8 who act as the voice for the student body. They bring ideas and suggestions or even complaints to the attention of the Principal.

From there, all suggestions from the SAC are brought to the Principal Advisory Committee (PAC), which is the the teacher version of the group, to execute those ideas and suggestions.

Principal Gomez states, “These students are an integral part of the SAMS family. They make sure that the student voice is heard.  They contribute so much to their school and I am proud of each of them.”

Sams Student Advisory.jpg-large

The SAMS Student Advisory Committee with Principal Gomez

This group is responsible for the creation of the SAMS Mission Statement:

At SAMS, we respect ourselves and others.

We always do our best, and we Dare To Be Great.

We realize that everybody makes mistakes,

and we always give a helping hand, while

we are accepting of differences.

At SAMS, we are polite, we are respectful,

we are caring, we are responsible, and we are role models.

We never give up, and WE Never Say Can’t!